Muslim Marriage

Muslim Wedding Unique Customs and Traditions Rituals

A Muslim wedding ceremony is simpler and traditional committed by the couple who is going to tie a nuptial knot soon. However, Muslim matrimony celebrations include a deep touch of religious and cultural beliefs its pre matrimony, matrimony or post matrimony customs and rituals. Keeping religious touch is the main part of Muslim wedding to unite two different people in a lifetime marriage relationship. Muslim marriage is also known as a Nikah ceremony in Urdu. This big day custom and rituals differ from culture to culture that is adhered by both bride and groom’s families. In a short and simple way the significant purpose of adhering ancient customary beliefs to seek good luck and blessings of Allah towards holy embarking on a marital life. Lets us take look at some of the dominant customs are mentioned below:

Bride Is Not Allowed To Leave House

A couple of days before Muslim bride is not allowed to go out of the house. In these days a bride to wear yellow clothes and stay only at home only a week before of wedding. This time period is known as Mayouni intended to learn some more skills to be a talented wife of his future spouse. It assists bride to be taking care of her beauty by using cosmetic products to look naturally pretty.

The Wedding Lasts Three Days

A Muslim wedding last three days considered special to get enjoy and fun together in the crowd because all relatives and family friends are assembled at home. Planning wedding is not a single day task all is busy in arrangements to make it a royal affair.

Bride Is Pasted A Good Mehendi Designs

A mehendi function is really fantastic where women assemble to participate in a big day function. They typically wear a bright colored embroidered traditional dress. Some of the unmarried girls wear sharara, long skirts with a blouse. During this ceremony, a bride is pasted with best henna designs on her hands and feet.

Muslim Groom Arrives At Wedding Venue

Everyone is excited about the marriage to enjoy with special celebrations. A wedding venue is decorated with lots of colorful flowers, bright curtain and table centerpiece. There are music fun and dancing at the wedding stage where Muslim bride and groom will be seated soon. It is a great welcome of best man in the wedding hall with flowers.

Nikah Ceremony

Nikah is a predominant part of Muslim matrimony where bride and groom come to tie a nuptial knot by expressing their consent to this marriage alliance.